Tuesday, 31 October 2017

It was a Wonderful Disguise...

"Excuse me sir! Can you spare any change?"

I know there is no change in my pocket. Looking into the eyes of the homeless guy, I want him to know that I am not just phobbing him off when I tell him that I do not have any.

"No worries, sir, have a good day. You have a good day."

In Shrewsbury where I live we have to types of homeless people. As I find myself in town at unusual hours you can se the divide. There are the homeless people, who, in truth are not really homeless. You can follow them home when the weather turns bad or after they have done their shift. For whatever reason they choose to sit out on the street during the day or busy nights in town.

You also have the genuine homeless. Those souls who for again, whatever reason, have no where to go. These are the people even in the bitterest dawn, in the strong arms of winter will be in a doorway. Rain or shine, summer or winter.

I was going into the supermarket, one of these mini ones in the hight street. I had been out before dawn to walk into town with my partner, and after monring meditation by a tree in one of the central churchyards I was ready for breakfast. As I passed the threshold of supermarket. The Mike Scott song "Wonderful Disguise," popped into my head. A resonance with my current siddha yoga study  connected the moments that had just occured.

You see, it is said that there is only one consciousness, that is God, the Divine, the Universe however you wish to see it. We are all a part of that consciousness, experiencing itself at different moments in time and space. This is where our feeling of seperation can develop, when we get to caught up on what is out there and not the expereince within.

In the same way that if I tickle your feet with a feather, you experience that on your feel, if I tickle your neck, you experience it there. It is always you that is experiencing, just in different places.

To ignore the homeless person, would be to ignore self greeting self, consciousness acknowledging consciousness, that consciousness being divine, would be to ignore the divine. I bought myself some Shreddies. A sandwich, coffee and crisps for the man outside.

"God bless you sir, God bless you. Thank you, have a wonderful day."

Returning the man's blessing, I headed home.

In feeding a stranger, I do not just help them out. I am feeding myself, I am feeding that universal consciousness that we are just expressions of, I am feeding God. That place within, between thoughts.

It was "a wonderful disguise."

Monday, 31 July 2017

Awakening the Mythic Mind

For we should not forget the stories, that live within the land upon which we live. For science may tell us of what it is made. The tales and stories tell us of who.

Before we got so pigeon holed about science versus belief. Before religion became the dogmatic shell of it's former beauty we held faith in the one fact, that this beaiutiful world in which we live and experience is full of mystery, magic was not how we think today, it was just another manifestation of that. Indeed magic at it's essence is the opening up and experiencing of mystery. Some of the the early pioneers of science held still the sanctity of the the great mystery. This is not to say all religion and all science does not feel the draw of the great mystery but we live in a world where the magic of reality is being stripped and replaced with artificial realities, experienced through the digital eye of a camera. Not experienced or felt at the deepr levels.

You see the thing is, magic, mystery and old tales bring to life the landscape at the level of imgination and emotion. As I write this I am house sitting in a small stone cottage on the Welsh- English border, on the train journey to get here I saw, waiting, looking over the top of an old twisted hedge the form of a dragon, just picture that for a moment, imagine what it would be like if you were to glance across a field, spotting a dragon, hunched over a hedge. Awaiting some passer-by, to jump out a steal his pic-nic. How would it feel, right now, as you think about the dragon, in a field, who do you become in relationship to now, and the possibility that I saw a dragon, waiting for you, or for me, over a hedge?

This, dragon, I will tell you was actually a piece of farm machinery with a large spout. In my mind, in my inagination it became a dragon. There will now be for me always a richer connection to that journey. Did you feel dissappointed when I told you the reality? We have our conscious rational minds, we have our subconscious minds. The subconscious is home to imagination, creativity, our dreams and desires. The conscious is the rational, logical. If we are only experiencing reality from the rational then we are deeply under experiencing. The subconscious is vast in comparison  to the conscious mind, to not feed and allow that part of our experiencing to be a part of us is to deny life itself. It is said that in a battle between the will and the imagination the imagination would win. By letting ourselves experience at both levels we expand our ablity to grow, to function and to become in the world.

By allowing our minds to explore the mythic realities we engage with deeper meaning, not just of where we are but of who we are.

To feed the imagination is to feed the soul!

You cannot see the full horizon if you choose to see just through one little window.

We need to step outside the house of the rational, the scientific and allow the mythic to live within us.

How do we do this?

Drop into your local library, go online or buy a book or two about your local folklore, mythology and customs. Submerge yourself for a week or two in finding out as much as you can about your area's mythic map and then go out, visit and explore.

As you go into those places, where you feel the old stories, imagining them as happening, now as you witness them from the viewpoint of your imagination. You can begin now to uncover, how that feels, to be in that place where the magical has taken place. To see now, with  eyes that are not just
black and white, but to really know how it is to allow your imagination, to interweve with the environment in which these tales, stories and customs have taken place. Seeing that even now as you think about how that might feel, the excitement of catching from the corner of the eye a shape in the rock, the sound of the brook, the changing light between day and night that feeds the imagination bringing more to life than you have ever before perceived. And it feels good, to feel that ancient resonance with the place you walk, the area you live. Awakening the mythic brings us to a healthier state of well-being, mentally and physically.

When we start to awaken the imagination, in relationship to our environment we start to hold a deeper respect for where we live, we become, for part, mythic in our own nature. The vast resevoir of symbol that lies within the subconscious becomes alive in our dreams, we find new ways of being and living, solving problems and being who we tuly are.

It would be great to hear about your experiences with awakening the mythic.

Feel free to message me at thepilgrimsgrove@gmail.com

Until next time... :-)

Much Love and Blessings.

Friday, 21 July 2017

No Regrets

One Regret

One regret that I am determined not to have
When I am lying upon my
death bed

is that we did not kiss
Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz (1320-1389)

The words of Hafiz, written nearly 700 years resonate as much today as ever. If I were to change but one word it would be kiss for the word love. One regret that I am determined not to have, When I am lying upon my death bed is that we did not love enough.
What is it to love?
Where does it start?

I believe it starts with self. As Tim Cummins, the Verbal Surgeon says, 

“You can only love other people as much as you love yourself. So, love yourself first.”

I know it is a cliché to say that all you need is love, but it lays the way to making sure that when we are lying there, in the last moments we can look back and know that we lived a good life.
To live a life of love is to embrace all you are, warts and all. To accept yourself for who you are, we are after all, all perfectly imperfect. If we look at ourselves with acceptance we can learn to love the funny expression of life that we are. To embrace all our randomness and to love who we are. To do this we can start listening to what we truly want. I am not talking fancy cars and money, lots of stuff. Stuff very rarely leads to happiness. Only 7% of people say they are truly happy and guess what? They are not wealthy. The things we buy and fill our lives with are distractions, they stop us looking to much within, directing always our focus outward. The novelty will wear off is a saying most are familiar with, it is that saying that is the mantra of materialistic pleasure. The happiness we feel when we buy the new tv does wear off. The happiness we find when we start to listen to our inner voice and really search for what makes us happy is infinite.

As human beings we are not as advanced as our technology. We certainly do not need it for happiness. Our basic needs have not changed since the time we first emerged as Homo Sapiens. We need food, shelter, water. After that we seem to like sex, but we really are not so far removed from our distant selves.
If we live a life from a place of love we not only listen to our inner voice, valuing those things we truly need, the things that bring us true joy. These tend to be experiences, community and service. Experience enriches our lives, it fulfils the adventurer within us all, through experience we learn about who we are in relationship to the rest of reality. Community nourishes us, it fulfils the sense of belonging that as human social beings we crave. Service is the actions we take to help others of our community. Actions that will bring you happiness and fulfilment more than anything else. A lasting sense of joy is achieved when we do things for those around us. Try looking for a little act of random kindness that you can do every day and you will feel good, and that feeling will last if you do it every day.

Living with love means we do not give into fear, fear stops us from becoming the true expression of ourselves, it holds us back from grabbing those opportunities that enrich existence. When fear comes knocking at our door we will talk ourselves out of things, we will limit ourselves with self-imposed walls. If you find yourself experiencing hesitation, take a deep breath and just do it.
You see if you live a life with love you will spend your last moments content, happy with how your life has been, you will have loved yourself deeply, in turn you will have loved others passionately. Life will have been one big love affair and you will have embraced every opportunity, giving yourself permission to experience all that your journey has to offer. To lie there, on your death bed and say,” I have loved!” is to move beyond this life time complete, with no regrets.

Find that part of you that you can start to love, let that love expand and live a life with love. For yourself, for others and for the life you have, it is such a blessed gift. How can you not allow love to be. Your final kiss will be with life, and your time will have been good.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

What will you do?

Poem written after third eye meditation... 

And I saw myself
As a body in space
Suspended upon threads of light
Limp, a million galaxies surround me.

A crack, small at first appeared,
On my forehead.
A split from which the light within
Shone with the radiance of a billion suns.

My skin fell,
Like the peeling of a banana.
I became shapeless,
A brilliant radiance.
Devoid of shape, reaching out
Rays of light,
Connecting to all that is.

Looking within my own light
There I find a million, a billion more stars
Galaxies past, present and still to be,
And I saw myself
As a body in space
Suspended upon threads of light.

You have within you the stuff of stars, galaxies. All the energy that ever was exists now in this moment, in you. The air you breathe is the same air that has been here since the dawning of our planet. Inhaled and exhaled by all forms of life throughout the ages. The tears you cry have been the waters of great oceans, one day they will return to them again. Your voice, the continuing sound of the great cosmic bang that brought all of this into existence.

You are a unique gift, in a universe of incomprehensible possibilities, you were born, you will live, and you will die. Yet the light continues, eternally. You are that light for within you is the stuff of stars, of galaxies. 

Tell me child of light, what will you do with the gifts you bring? What will your expression bring to the moment, for it cannot change the past, nor can it alter the future? But in this moment, for there is only this moment, it can shape reality.