Monday, 17 April 2017

Alban Eiler - Harmony & Balance

Alban Eiler the Spring Equinox is celebrated by Druids worldwide.  We have finally made the long crawl from the depths of winter, the effort that the re-emerging world makes to push back the white coat of winter, to allow the now unfurling greens of new life is rewarded. We too feel that the push against the longer darker nights of January & February, to arrive at the equinox, to see the returning of fresh growth, new born lambs gives us a sense of relief.  And for a moment we are poised, day and night are equal and outwardly and within, if we take a moment just to sense we can feel that still harmony in the very energy of existence.

We do not stand at the summit, yet we can look back and see the distance we have come. Whilst also planning the next route toward the top of the mountain, at the height of summer. I find myself looking back over the months since Imbolc (Feb 2nd) It was then I decided to seek some help and guidance with life, I went off to Devon and spent time with Jonathan Chase, Hypnotist, Author and Life Style Coach.  In the flow of the year, this was the planting of the seeds. The nurturing of those seeds as with any crop must continue through the turning of the wheel until we reach the time of harvest. But now, as I see the first sprays of green in the hawthorn hedge, the beautiful flowering of the early spring flowers. I am also seeing, the hints of the growth in the path I have chosen to walk upon. After spending ten years performing, which I love, I felt that there was more to be doing with my life. Something was not being fulfilled. After going down to Devon, I realise that performance is a part of what I do, my calling has always been toward the spiritual, the growth of human existence and the development of individuals and groups. I miss the days of running retreats, workshops and talks. I have skills now that have been developing over the past couple of decades that I can bring into play. So, the seed I have planted is to work more with spirit, to help, heal and guide. As is the call of the Druid, Service, to be actively in service to spirit, the community, the planet. It is amazing how life takes us away from the path we are called to, yet in doing so bring us back, wiser, stronger.

At the time of Alban Eiler if we stop, and look upon where we are in ourselves and the year we get insight that comes from the clarity of balance. A clarity that we can maintain if we remember that the logical part of our minds, the will etc. are not the strongest part of our minds. That the imagination will always win. The harmony of the Spring Equinox recalls that to be fully engaged with life we cannot just live in our heads, logical, analytical. We must live in the imagination as well, it is from the imagination, the subconscious that our feeling of reality comes, our emotions, our memories. In fact, the largest part of the library of experience that culminates in the ever changing you resides in the subconscious.

The climb is not yet over, zenith of the year lies ahead. But today we can stop, look around and see where there is harmony and where there is conflict. Although in the bigger picture of world affairs we may feel we cannot have much control, we can however deal with the conflict in our own lives. Where we feel dis-ease there is usually something that we need to change, to bring into balance with our true nature and purpose. In doing this we are working to create the good harvest later on in the year. Nurture those plans you have now, see where you are feeling resistance, ask how can I change?

May the clarity of Alban Eiler, bring blessings to your days ahead,

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