Monday, 17 April 2017

Ever wonder what happened to your dreams?  Why no matter what you put yourself to, life feels empty? Trapped in a bubble that if you could only just get free from you would be able to live a happier and fuller life!

As Adults lots of us have given up on our dream's. Learning that we could not fly like superman, that we would never get to ride in Santa's sleigh.  To school, wher eth subject you loved was the one that they told you not to pursure if you wanted a "proper" Job.

To those first jobs, where the world felt like your oyster, but then the reality of working, owning a house soon pushed dreams to one side, relieved to get a few weeks away and that becomes living the life, or a few beers down the pub at a weekend.

Surely there was a greater potential, surely deep inside there was a seed that you forgot to water. In the night when you wake from that dream, feeling there is something you should be doing that there must be more than this.

In the great book Tribes by Seth Godin it talks about a situation where the author was sitting in a hotel in the early hours catching up with emails. Someone remarked how sad it was that he could not put his work down even on holiday. On reflecting he realised that he loved his work and how sad it was to have a job that you needed to try and run away from once a year.

Our hearts desire is not illusionary, a childhood fable. We have within us the essence of what we are ment to do. We are wired for specific roles and if we can discover that role, that true purpose we can live a richer life. To do this we need to put aside our adult beliefs of things having to be a certain way, let go of that voice that tells us it is silly to dream. We need to start looking at our lives and see the times when we feel most alive. In those moemnts lie the key to discovering our true purpose.

The true purpose is like a seed, deep within us waiting to be germinated and if we take time to nurture that seed it will grow and manifest with us the life we want to leed.

Our lives get so cluttered with unresolved, undeveloped wishes. Their presence stops us from seeing clearly the route to take, they shadow our choices and like a mocking bully stop us from believing we can reach for the stars.  I should say that when we talk about life's purpose we are not talking about the media fed ideal life, fame, money, big house, big car. That is a false purpose, and a product of living a certain style of life. That is not a purpose.  Our purpose may be as simple as realising that what makes us most happy is to help people, working in a job we just happen to be in at does not satisfy us at a soul level. Yet to realise that helping others would we can start to shape the world we live in to allow us to fulfill that heart felt purpose.

So we have to strip away all the dross, create clarity. Start listening to those voices in our heads that tell us we are being stupid when we dream, or that it is impossible to make a change to a new job.  These thoughts, destroyed dreams and associated feelings just hold us back.

Our true desire, true purpose is not a fantasy, it is something that is within us at the very level of our DNA, is we start to listen to ir lives, being present and clearing away the blockages that purpose will be uncovered and it's lights shine within our lives.

Take a day, put it aside to look at what makes you feel good in life. Not I like drinking, but what is it about that situation that makes you happy, look at times when you felt alive, what were you doing?  How can you create those experiences more and more in your life? What work could you be doing that would bring those things into your life, and when you have answers, look for the ideal job.  It may not be glamorous but it will make you happy.


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