Monday, 17 April 2017

I am not a holy man, I am not an expert, I am not a teacher.
I am just me, human, I will live, I will die.
I can achieve the impossible, I can fail spectacularly.
I have spent my life, a pilgrim to the great mystery,
Listening for the voice of the Most Ancient of Days,
I have laughed, I have cried, I have hurt and been hurt.
My point being, I am just like everyone that has ever been,
Like everyone that is now and everyone that will be.
I have trod in darkness and I have danced in the light.
These words, my thoughts are my own,
I do not ask you to believe, to accept,
I merely hope that through reading they challenge and inspire.
And if you go away touched by that which is said,
Then my gift, my blessing is shared...

Blessings, Rob.

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