Monday, 17 April 2017

I was sat in our local park the other evening having just finished my meditation. A glorious full moon was treading her illuminated path across the heavens. A couple, very much in love passed me by, I heard the girl say to the boy,

"I wish the moon shone like this every night!"

He replied,

"I know, but we should be grateful that we get to share her beauty together."

The couple kissed and walked on.

I sat there, gazing up and started to think about the cycle of the moon, how she emerges from the darkness, to reach her fullness.  A sadness came upon me. How can we as humans ask the moon to always be full when we ourselves so often extinguish the light of our own radiance.  So often we are the creators of our own darkness, we loose our ablility to dream, letting go of the love of life, replacing it with a love of things.  The only true relationship that we have is that between us and life. No other lasts, people come and go, yet the one constant is the universe we live in. If we could learn to allow ourselves to love again, to dream and to allow that to motivate us to reach beyond toward fullness. We could walk hand in hand, like the couple, our lives enriched by the simple blessings that we shared

Every man and woman is a star! We all have so much potential, to love, to care, to create. Yet our doubt, extinguishes the candle of dreams, and worse, we allow it to extinguish those of others. We have all had converstaions where someone has been talking about something new and excitng and found ourselves saying, "Well yes, but!"  How far removed are we from the journey of the moon, that jourmey toward fullness?  As with the moon, we have our own cycles, we can feel great about being who we are and at other times we can feel bad. We have to search for and do those things that make us Feel Good. That make us feel alive, by doing that we fall in love with life, the great other that is our true life partner.

As I sat in the park, looking up at the moon I realised, we should not long for the moon to reach her fullness, for it is she who is waiting for us to reach ours.
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