Monday, 17 April 2017

In Search of the Grail


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” - Buddha

The grail quest, the search for the holy grail has always spoken to me.  I have had different grail quests in the past, challenges that have been set in the name of service. 

The grail quest has three elements; Love, Faith, Service.

Love - This is not just the love of family or friends. This is the deeper universal love that comes when we realise our true purpose. When we stop long enough to hear the voice of our soul, calling out, telling us what we really should be doing. Hearing that song we become as a cog in the mechanism of the universe, knowing our place, our purpose, and loved by the watchmaker equally, as the watchmaker knows that each part is uniquely beautiful and goes up to make the complete working clock. Yes, this is an ideal, but better to spend a life in pursuit of an ideal than to flounder and never awaken to the beautiful journey of the soul through the rings of creation. 

Faith - Faith comes from love. When we feel the universal love we learn to trust, to believe that every atcion is as it should be in accordance with the natural law, a harmoniuos part of the divine pattern. We discover through love that the very energy at the heart of our being is the same energy that began all things, that if the Divine exists then it exists as much in us as it does out side of us. We learn to trust ourselves, to have faith in ourselves/ This in turn gives us a quiet confidence to go out into the world. Carrying within the radiant life of creation, we believe that we can be all that we are destined to be. 

Service - In trusting, having faith, by radiating that love we find for our place in the universe we are then able to spread that love out. To see that all things in existence support others. To step into a place of service, not at a loss to who we are but because of who we are. When we live our life with love, faith and in service, we are no longer just a cog in the watch, we become the watch maker, we tend to those parts of the universe that we can, becauseit feels like the right thing to do. If the universe is the cogs, the housing is the divine, the watchmaker is beyond. The same beyond that in the Gnostic Gospels Jesus said he worshipped that was beyond the God of Creation.
One past quest came from the time when I was very active publicly within Druidry, I was tired of all the negative and sensationalist coverage that the media always gave to what is a beautiful spiritual path.  I had decided that I would give myslelf a year and a day to change this, even if that was just locally.  By the end of that year and  a day not only had there been some really positive press interviews, but I had been asked to create pieces for local radio and even go review the film The Passion of the Christ, to give a review and discuss with people from ither religions live on air what I thought of the film.  The quest had been a success.  I see now that it was my love of Druidry, my faith in it's message and the desire to do service by educating people about the truth of the druidic path.

Now I have a new quest, how do I approach it?  I need to fill the chalice, in it I need to hold the clear vision of my service, that strong calling to walk beside people and offer support through their spiritual journeys and everday lives.  To bring people together and grow community, and to help in some way dispel the ignorance that fear breeds, to unite people of different paths and faiths, celebrating the one unquestionable fact that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves, that we are all part of the great mystery, regardless of whether we believe in God/ Goddess or nowt this is something to celebrate...
The gift of a grail quest IS the journey, regardless of whether we succeed the first time, it fills our spiritual cup with the things we need to grow.  Whats more it gives a purpose for living!  In tuning into the voiuce of the most ancient of days and listening to the voice deep within we start that joyous process, acting upon and accepting the challenge then connects us with the energy of creation, and if we use that energy and strive for our highest ideals we will eventually drink from the cup of spiritual fulfilment...

So here goes, a little daunted, somwhat apprehensive and at present no clue on how to get there, but if we had all the answers it would be no fun would it?

Many blessings


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