Monday, 17 April 2017

In Silence the Seed of Wisdom is Gained....


"The wise man who, by means of concentration on the Self, realises that ancient, effulgent One,
who is hard to be seen, unmanifested, hidden, and who dwells in buddhi and rests in the body - he indeed, leaves joy and sorrow far behind." - The Katha Upanishad

So at the begining of the week I found myself with friends at dusk, in a wonderful woodland. The rain was running down the branches, flowing off the leaves. A wind stirred the branches into whispering the ancient names of the divine in a language that few now know. We had gathered to celebrate Lughnasadh, the first of the Celtic harvest festivals. As the encroaching darkness enfolded itself around us we began.  There came a moment where all attending entered into silence, I listened, in that moment the world seemed to have dropped into silence, the birds had stopped singing, the rain although still falling appeared to make no sound as it hit the leaves. This moment felt eternal, the boundary between my body had dissolved, an in the encroaching darkness I saw light. Light within and light without.  In this moment there was love, but not a human love, this love was like and eternal ocean fed by flowing oceans. This was relationship, belonging, in that moment a love that transcended filled all space and time. All things in their place and at the centre of the light was The Most Ancient of Days.  I was beholding that which was within, but by looking inward I could see that which was without. An eternal loop, a spiritual feedback . Me watching the Divine watching me watching the Divine.  Since the first manifestation of existence, the divine has evolved and changed, through every plane of existence the eternal soul emanates, manifesting, becoming more than ever before. The very existences that the eternal manifests then shape and evolve the eternal. Always looking within to see what is without, we are at one level the observance of the Divine, the reality we live in expanding continually as the the divine sees our experience and we in looking within can see the divine.

The most Ancient of Days is ever changing, evolving. This is partly why that which is beyond all existences is unknowable, in constant flux the divine is always learning of itself, through the manifest existence of all things. That is not to say that the Great Spirit does not comprehend self, but is beyond self, the reflection of divine experience being played out in creation. In the Gnostic Gospels Jesus refers to the God that he follows being beyond the God that the people of the bible worship.  The divine in being is, but also is not. Ever changing, the birth of existence being also the cosmic birth of the Divine.

In our celebrations in the woods we used the line from Druid ritual, "In Silence the Seed of Wisdom is Gained."  This has long echoed to me as a simple but beautiful truth. Yet in that moment in those rain kissed woods it suddenly opened up.  For in the silence was all wisdom, all love, all truth. It did not need any great action to lift me to that place, just the silence, the silence like a pool reflecting to me both inner and outer reality, I could see above and below the surface.  Something stepped aside, and allowed me to see the light at the centre of all things, the innate beauty and oneness.  Joy and happiness, woundedness and pain all are the experiences of creation, of not just our souls journey to perfection but the Divine's own journey toward that perfection.  People ask why is there suffering, they say if there was and all loving being that there would not be suffering, how can this be?  Simple, God is not perfect, we have gotten human love confused with the divine relationship. Think of a clock, every piece made to fit within the other, each part contributing to the whole, this is relationship, this is love. The power that drives and runs through all those cogs and mechanisms is the Divine.  All things are energy at some level or other we are told, that force is the light that illuminates, the light that was first and is still becoming. 

If we look at the Greek Gods, they are flawed and yet somewhere along the way the idea has come about that the Divine is perfect, yet in a manifest universe everything is perfectly imperfect and so too the nature of the Divine, the Unknowable Spirit. I take comfort in an everchanging, ever evolving not quite perfect idea of God (each, all and every.) That way if we mess up, or fall down we are calling out to a presence that knows what that feels like.  If the divine were not in silently looking within then we would not find that spark when we look at Self, In silence the Seed of All is gained.

Many blessings


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