Monday, 17 April 2017

Living a Good Life

And I said,
          “Look at her embracing him; and yesterday she embraced me.”
And he said:
                “Tomorrow she will lie in my arms.”
And I said,
                “What a strange woman she is!!”
And he said:
                “She is Life.”
                  From Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow ~ Kahil Gibran.

Picture So quickly life moves from one person to another. Today it is us that carry that spark, yesterday it was our ancestors and tomorrow will be our children. Such an elusive quality, what is life? What is more, what should we do with it whilst we have got it, for too quickly can that candle blow out.

Since the dawn of time we have tried to make sense of life. Religion has tried to give us a framework to live by, spirituality tries again to guide us in life and science tries to quantify it so we have an idea of what life is. Regardless of whether you believe in divine purposes, potential movements or the cold hard reality of science, we all have the ever-dancing lady of life as our partner. For a moment in existence we are conscious of our life.

We are presented with this commandment, that law, guidelines for life. At essence though, what is it that matters, what is it we should do?

Live a good life. This does not mean being a millionaire, having a private yacht and a Ferrari. It means making sure you are doing with your life the things that matter. You can have relatively nothing and live a good life, in fact if you look at some of the tribes around the world they do not have a comprehension of western wealth and are quite happy with their community, food, shelter, fire and songs. In fact if you ever have seen the Bruce Parry series Tribe, you will often here him comment how the different people from around the world that he stays with have a happiness that we seem to have lost.

It can seem difficult if born into the western world, our society is set up to funnel us into a system of education, career, retirement and the inevitable box at the end of it all. Yet always there is a sense of what should I be doing. Is there more to this?  The spirit/ self that resides within the body yearns to belong, to be.

The material world is the grand illusion, the magician. With technology, 24hour entertainment, jobs, alcohol it does a great job of misdirecting our focus. We stop listening to the inner voice, that part of us that speaks guiding us toward what truly satisfies our soul. How can we hear one voice shouting over the cacophony of 21st century noise? How can you move closer to live a good life?
A client of mine was getting down over her work. There was an opportunity of a promotion, she was not sure if that was the direction for her to head. What is more her social life, home life and work life left little space or time to stop. One way we can start to hear that inner voice is to create time, enter periods of silence, away from technology, outdoors and just ask to see what we should do. For my client this was not an option. Strange how you find that making an appointment can fit a day, but taking the same time out to a day to walk in nature is not attainable. Who am I to complain though, we spent a session, my client accessing the symbols within her subconscious mind for the situation could see clearly the direction needed for her, the promotion was not where her heart lay. The inner voice gave her the impression of better opportunities to be reached for in a different direction. She realised if she took the promotion she would have even less time to develop what she really loved, pottery. That was a few months ago, I got a call from her the other day telling me how she was going part time with the old job and putting time into developing her pottery and that she was feeling great.

It does not take huge amounts of cash for us to live a good life, what we need to do is hear that call within, and start to steer our lives towards our true desire. For some that may be to be filthy rich, but few ever find real happiness in wealth, true wealth is to have a life full of the things, activities and people that matter the most to you.

Start to think about how you could bring that richness to your life, and let me know how I can hekp you break through the illusion and live a good life.

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