Monday, 17 April 2017

Simplicity in Spirituality

Simplicity in performance allows the performer to focus on putting passion into the performance. To much technicality can make the performance cold and mechanical, leaving the performer focusing more on "getting it right" than on the expression of self within the performance.

So it is with celebrating life and honouring the divine!

True worship and cenebration needs to have a feeling of Joy, As in West Gallery Singing, the songs of praise combine with a playfullness that lifts one's heart to a place of happiness and bliss. Compare that with the often sombre pipes of the organ, with durge like hymns even the most jubilent of songs can seem like a requiem mass.

At the heart of worship is intent.  Other than that there should be no right or wrong way of praising and celebrating existence.  So we can let go of thoughts about, "am I doing it right?"  They hold us back, nervousness and fear inhibit loving expression.  Embracing a joyfull attitude, taking worship seriously yet at the same time not taking our worship seriously connects us with the love of the light.  As much as we must work at bringing the One True Light down into our hearts we need also to elevate our own beings to a place of union, becoming one with the divine in the temple of the heart.  The idea of not taking worship seriously may initially seem disrespectful, but there is a balance.  If you cannot laugh at your self then you are taking yourself to seriously, being able to accept ourselves and joke at our imperfections is a wonderfully freeing thing. If we can do that with our worship then it opens us up to a greater experiencing of the presence of the Most Ancient of Days. It also allows for creative experession within our services and celebrations, creation being the greatest expressive act ever we truly start to tune into the divine flow of life.  Learn to laugh, let go and flow in your worship and the experience will become enriching, inspiring.

Our devotion and love of the divine is at heart our life, this we give with dedication, with commitment.  In allowing ourselve to laugh at ourselves we return to a child like place, an innocence that becomes purity within our celebration of life.

In the same way a child can take the simplest of objects and through acts of imagination turn it into something magical and amazing, we can take simplicity within our celebration, ceremony and offerings. Freeing us up to truly express our connection with the Great Spirit, full and in the moment.

Take the lighting of a candle, do we light it and recite strict book and verse or the words that we have remembered from our places of worship. Or in lighting that flame do we allow all that it signifies to build within us, allowing words and song to come to ur lips. Tuning ourselves into the theme of our prayer, we do not need to say words that have meaning, we just need to submerge ourselves fully in the experience of the moment, if that becomes the shedding of tears, this is our prayer, if we laugh, this is our prayer.  We can babble randomness as long as at the heart of these actions is the intent to connect with the Great Light, bringing it down into our hearts.

Try to simplify your acts of worship, give space for the moment and when the impulse arrises act from that place, a purer, uncluttered expression of our love and worship of existence.

Blessings All


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