Monday, 17 April 2017

The Triskele, Self and Constant Change

Change is the only Constant....

The celtic Triskele, emerges into the celtic culture roughly  during the 5th century BC.  It's sunward spiralling patterns indicate to us the ever flowing spiral nature of life. For upon this three armed wheel nothing is still for long.  Within every rythmn we find moments of stillness, every song a moment of silence. Yet those moments never stagnate. The spiral continues into inifinity, our journey ever toward the ultimate expression.

We can take the three arms to represent mind, body and spirit, the interconnectedness/ wholeness of self. Yet with the triskele we see that there is no one real point of focus, for even if we look at the centre we find ourselve journeying off along yet another branch, another spiral. Nothings stays the same.


Buddha said, " Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming."

In the symbol of the trikele we see the very symbol of this statement. In Buddhism there is no such thing as stable self, change IS the only constant.  This very concept is liberating, you are not defined by your thoughts and ideas. The possibility to transform and change yourself are endless. In my last post I asked the question, do we need to know who we are? Taking the symbol of the triskele, the words of buddha I believe that we release ourselves from trying to describe the undescribable if we just accept that we are change, there is no constant self. In knowing that I am change I can stop trying to trap my shadow and work with the eternal nature of the universe, the one security being that I, along with all existence are flux & flow.

In a recent study from the University of British Columbia, researcher  Evan Thompson confirmed the buddhist belief that there is no permanent self, we change. Neuroscience has studied the brain and shows us that it is constantly in action/ flowing which means no constant, no stability.

Evan Thompson said, " And from a neuroscience perspective, the brain and body is constantly in flux. There's nothing that corresponds to the sense that there's an unchanging self."

Inner conflict can then arise when we try to search for this one thing we call self, or we choose a rigid set of behaviours and ideas and try and hold ourselves to them. Identifying ourselves as X, we stagnate. We become the damn to the experiencing of the natural flow and change of our being. From the mountain waterfall to the solid rock, all of it shifts and changes, to the very distant galaxies and universes. No-thing stays the same, if we know our true nature is growth, movement and change we can let go of the fear that we develop when change is encountered in life. No matter how hard we think that this is what I am I do not change, we do!

Use the Triskele as a meditation, start to follow it, allow your mind to chase those spirals as far as they go. Feel the flow within, go sit by a river and watch it's water. Think how it changes and transforms the ancient landscape around it, sometimes dramatically, at other times over thousands of years.  See how your true being, is becoming.

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