Monday, 17 April 2017

What goes around..... Past Life Thoughts.

Grand Mother Time....

See how she sits?
Grandmother Time,
Her wheel eternally spinning,
Circle within circle, life within life.

Weaving the strands of a myriad lives,
Bringing all experiences together,
To make one, perfect yarn,
A soul, complete and whole.

Whence spun,
See how the shawl of our existence,
Becomes a mantle of stars,
Illuminating our days,
Circle within circle, Life within Life.

                           By Rob Chapman

 We went over to Llangrynog yesterday, a truly ancient and timeless place.  Jagged rocks reaching out of wave worn shores.  A truly magical place.  WIthin the hold of that small bay I got to thinking about past lives. Easily done when you start to think of the history of a place, slipping from the here and now into the mist of the past.

It is no secret that my spirituality is inspired by the Celts, Druidry and early Celtic Christianity.  I have always loved  the concept of the circles of creation from the Baddrass of Iolo Morgannwg.  At the centre is the cauldron Annwn, here is the primordial cosmic soup form which all things originated. Spilling forth into the circles of Abred, the circles of life and existence, here the soul travels through all levels of life. The celts had a word, Tuirihigin, it means a circuit of births. Within the celtic tradition, the idea of reincarnation does not focus on a stripping away of qualities until reaching perfection. During ones turihighin, you explore the many aspects of existence, assimilating the knowledge and wisdom that this brings.  A soul can rise and fall on the rings of Abred, at last having experienced all things the soul passes on to Gwynfid, the perfect light. A state of ecstatic bliss and the place of the souls union with all.

The problem with past lives is that those who explore them tend to get caught up and focus on the past.  For me this is not where the power and gifts of the past life experience lie. If we take the framework of the rings of creation, the past lives we live build are a store house, a inner resource of timeless wisdom, that we can access to enable, empower and enrich our lives today.

I know that there will be some who read this who think "come on Rob, this is all nonsence!"  To which I say possibly, but if we take the modern day thought on past life recall being that over the years of our lives the subconscious brain takes on board and stores a lot more knowledge and information than we are consciously aware of. That past life experience is just the mind accessing that and creating a dream like fantasy, I have no problem with that.  If that experience then lends assistance, insight and wisdom to a situation in the present day, surely that is a good thing.  Regardless of whether we think past lives are just that, or we think they are channeled, or just memories from this life that are recalled. The reason I find strength in the idea is because it can be a force of good in a modern day world.  Shakespeare wrote, What is in a name?  All that matters for me  is that here we have a useful tool that can help improve our lives.

So, I shall continue around the rings of Abred, knowing that I am the sum of my experience and within that experience is a wisdom that is universal, that I can access to enhance my life.  Being able to help others do that as well is a blessing, taking people back through time to find seeds of truth and wisdom that bring the individual to a fuller understanding of who they are, what their purpose is and how they can move forward with life is truly a wonderful thing.

Check out this short video on Past Lives, and when the clip has finished press the round subsribe button in the top left corner to keep up to date with all new videos.  Have a great day

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