Monday, 17 April 2017

What is in a name?

Picture  Along my path there are moments of encounter, where I realise I am in the presence of something much vaster than I.  My sense of self expands feeling infinite yet at the same time finite.  This presence, this awareness is both within me and without and it flows through all things, in those moments if I were to surrendor to the oceans of this vastness I would float for eternity in the warm waters of bliss.

In my early wanderings I would have described this as God and Goddess, those beyond human entities who's cyclical dance gives birth to the seasons, the patterns of Birth, Life, death and rebirth.  Indeed by placing this definition, this container for that which I was experiencing made the concept of the divine understandable and knowable. Over time, through meditation, ritual, prayer this definition, these names  became limiting. The vastness of this experience could not be touched or understood through the mere concepts of duality.  There are times when to focus on a God/Goddess as an aspect of the divine can help us in our looking within. Like the tuning in on a radio station it can help us to focus on the human quality of a deity to see that reflected within ourselves and to better understand ourselves in relation to. 

My sense of the divine shifted to the idea of the Great Spirit, somehow less limiting, more encompassing.  In saying in my prayers Great Spirit I felt that I included the concepts of God and Goddess, yet allowing for a less concrete, all encompassing idea of the divine. Again this for a while worked for me, but the word spirit still has associations for me that limited the experience of the presence I felt in these moments. 

What is in a name?  A name is a personal item, often a gift from our parents.  It is how others call to us, how we know that someone wants our attention. In essence a name is the invocation/ evocation that calls to our consciousness and awreness, making us present .

I remeber reading somewhere that the ancient Jewish that studied Qabalah had the idea that God is unknowable, so vast, so beyond our understanding why waste a lifetime trying too, just get on with life knowing that something is there.  That something is the great mystery, that which both spiritul/ religous/ scientific and philisophical followers have tried to understand from the begining of learning.  Maybe if I were to stop trying to find the write label for something that both is and is not, I would be better to discover the name/ word that evokes my awreness of the presence.

I am standing on the rocky cliffs of south west Wales, the ocean is crashing onto a hardened shore.  Behind me the small chapel of ST Govan, in front of me the elememtal rawness of the divine manifest.  I recalled the echo of a sentence I had read, in doing so I felt again that feeling of the presence of the divine, that belonging to, and also being apart of the eternal light.  A sentence formed in my mind, " I stand now in the presence of the Most Ancient of Days."

For me just typing or thinking the line lifts my awareness to a place of stillness, silence. A place where just for a moment I stand in the place between two breaths.  Here for me is the invocation of the divine, here are the words that speak to my heart and lift me into the presence of a greater reality.

May we all be blessed with the knowledge of the Most Ancient of Days
That we may realise we are all one in existence
And in that awareness may we find peace...

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