Monday, 17 April 2017

When People Blame Religion....

I find it strange how people are saying that religion is over, religion should be got rid of in light of the recent problems in Paris. Most religions give the individual a framework for bettering themselves and living in peace with their neighbour. Teaching love, acceptance etc..... Strip the deity aspect from religion and you are left with frameworks for everyday living that if all followed would make this world a better place.

Religion, I believe never harmed anyone!

Unfortunately people hurt people, and they will use any means necessary to try and justify the action. In the same way that people have blamed music for suicides and murders, a recording never killed anyone, a book never killed anyone, religion in its essence never killed anyone. People kill people.
Strip the world of religion, and we will have people using distorted interpretations of science to justify their violence towards humanity. Such n such has a different blood type, they have such n such an infliction, that makes us superior etc. etc. People need to justify there reality by some higher autority, be it God's or Science people will kill in the name of it......
We have all heard the child say that their big brother told them to do it. It is someone else to blame and the more detatched the easier it is to distance from an act that at heart the individual knows is wrong.

Blessings all

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