Monday, 17 April 2017

"When the whole went seeking for the one from whom All come, the All was found to be the Divine Self." – The Gospel of Truth

When did we start seeking, when did we reach out to the universe to see if the universe spoke back?
PictureThe quote from The Gospel of Truth is referring to Jesus, the whole seeking for the All. To discover that the All is that which is divine that dwells in the heart of all. It is not just Jesus who has sought to understand and know the All, others through the age in their own way have stepped upon that path. Seeking knowledge of God, of the meaning of life. The scientist, who may not believe in any divine presence is still upon the same quest, yet the deeper they look the more mysterious the universe shows itself to be.  This simple idea that the answers, the divine lies within seems to get lost so easily, especially in an ever saddening world where spirituality is becoming the new commodity after religion.  People begrudge paying money to a church who’s approach has long lost its mystery and magic, seeing it as a business, to twisted through politics and possession to ever hold any of its true beauty to shine. Yet the latest guru pops up offering you the latest way to know the mysteries of the universe and people throw thousand at them.  If we strip away all the dross, all the establishment, big business and everything else and look at the teachings, they are the same they have been since humankind first experienced the divine. We over complicate and it costs us a fortune, we throw money at spirituality and it becomes and ugly business. I remember once being introduced to a swami from India, I was at one of my favourite places. I firstly was introduced to this retired therapist from Harley Street, who then introduced me to this holy man as His Swami, because he had paid for him. First lesson missed, I think. I was invited to a Satsang at the therapist’s house. Delighted I accepted and the time I spent in the presence of the Swami was a true gift. His message one of simplicity and beauty, after a morning of discourse, meditation and chanting we all retired to have a cup of tea, whilst the swami took rest. Our therapist host boldly announces that he is a curious fellow, their swami! Going on to say that he has a marvellous way of butchering the human language and that he had to be honest but he had not understood a bloody word he had said, but he presumed it was something spiritual and the chanting was nice….. The true ugliness of consumer spirituality. 

Had the therapist and friends just listened, they would have heard. For the truth is a simple message, one that you do not have to pay a fortune for, one that transcends spoken word and can be felt in a person or in a place.

“God is one. And he that is one is nameless: for he does not need a name, since he is alone.” – Hermes

The divine is one, is all and yet is no thing.  There is nothing that exists that is not a part of the All.  As stated by Hermes, the divine “does not need a name” yet also Hermes lets his statement down then by referring to the Divine as him, which immediately limits and contains in the same way a name does. I am not a believer in Christ the son of God, Christ the bloke, a bit like Buddha, lived a life and transcended it to gain wisdom and truth that works for me. In this view something fundamentally shifts, if like Buddha he was human and attained that connection, that oneness with God then it means we all can reach for this.  Each of us can dedicate ourselves to the knowledge of the All. We are the whole, we are the microsmic reality that reflects the greater plan. What is more we do not need to buy the latest book, accept the latest idea we are being sold. A dear friend once said to me, I have spent most of my life looking within, but I cannot find it, there must be something out there. His voice was that of attachment, the delight in the experience, the expectation of an end goal.  There is no end goal, the journey is the gift and God/ Goddess, the All walks not just beside you, but within you on that journey. The one thing that most of the great spiritual teachers have done, that some of the greatest occultists and mystics have said is that you need to find your own way of making this work.  You my beautiful friends are the key and the door, if you listen you will hear, if you look you will see. I am not saying that you are a God, that type of talk is just marketable ego babble spewed out for the spiritual seeker. I am saying that You are the whole, yes you may not be perfect, you may have some bad habits, you may even have done terrible things, but the All, that is existence has unfolded over billions of years to create the exact circumstance for you to be you. You are whole, so if you go look and listen for the All you may start to realise that there may only be your voice, that as Hermes states, “..since he is alone.” But the All can never be alone, because the All is one. So do not let the distractions of self help, new age or any such thing that ties you into that materialist spiritual market be your master. Just wake every day and realise that you are whole, in looking no further than your existence you are the All, the All is beside and within you, because all that exists is the All, we are one, we are creation. Be you an unbelieving scientist or someone of deep faith, this is truth. Find the All by realising your every day, by making your awareness reach out. When you find that peace, that assurance that you are all, you are complete then you return to the heart, to the centre and there you discover that the spark of consciousness in you is the Divine Self, that you do not need to try to be anything other than you, for in that is divinity.  We are told life evolves, and indeed all things seem to grow, so in the knowing that you are, allow your life to grow in ways that benefit the All, for we are whole, we are in the all.

Forgive my shabbiness for I cannot remember where about it lies, but within the Nag Hammadi library there is an account of Jesus telling his disciples that even they are fools because they worship the God of creation, that the God he worships is beyond that.  In truth if we focus on a deity that rules a specific aspect of life, or existence we cease to worship the All. I we stand upon a mountain we cannot appreciate the view by focusing in on one little tree, we have to unhinge our eye and allow the whole scene to come to us. Unhinge your thinking, put your intellects aside for you will never know the All whilst you are trying to quantify and understand, the All, the Most Ancient of Days is the experience of being alive, live consciously and you will always be in the presence of the divine. The moment you try to understand you are looking at the tree, and you miss the whole view.

Before the One, what is there to count? – Sefer Yetsirah

The All is not the One, the One is a pebble on a beach of ones. The All cannot in some ways be worshipped or praised. To know itself, the All became one, we are one. To rise of a morning, to take in a breath and at it’s zenith whisper thank you, is all that we can truly give. Anything else is to appease a humanised concept of the divine. In doing so we are not worshipping the All, but the man made God of creation. In learning to silence our minds, to that point where we just exist, that is our praise, that is where the divine lies. In just being, but these moments do not just happen when we sit crossed legged, all disciplined. These moments touch us when we have times of feeling truly alive, whether through true joy, or fear when we feel at our most alive, our minds stop analysing and we enter the moment, this is when we discover that which is beyond the One. The Divine Self, in which we are one.

The video below for me is a great visual invocation of the sense of the All, enjoy.

Many blessings for your days ahead, much love….

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