Monday, 17 April 2017

Where in the music lives God..?

Where in the music lives God?
Where in the gathering of sorts,
Of faces from all walks of life?
Can the divine be seen in the instruments they bring?
Rich, poor, beggar, thief,
When all come together
Music is their love.
It is the love of music that is the great leveller,
All differences are put aside, this is no place of battle,
But a beautiful union of humanity and notes.
Music becomes the product of Love
Love is the presence and power of God,
She heals, unites and illuminates
In the begining was a note,
Sung by She, as sounded by He
Existence was made manifest,
Where in the music lies the Divine?
He is in the harmony of voices,
She is in the dedication of the players,
He is in the passion for the tunes,
She is there in the crafting of the instruments,
The Most Ancient of Days is there when we come together to express love.
Let us all come together in the Love of Life.
Let all faiths, all religion be our instruments.
Together may we become the sweet harmony,
Our music our love of the Divine.

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