Monday, 5 June 2017

In or Of, the centre and Seperation

Are you in it? Or of it?

This is a question that has more and more recently been floating around my head. The way we choose to answer it really defines how we belong. It also shapes our purpose and how we live our lives.
The it in this instance you can take to mean the universe or the divine. If I am in the universe then in stating the fact I am saying I am separate to. I mean, think of your shopping, when you go and buy all your wholesome food you place it inside the bag. The smoked tofu and avocado is in the bag, but separate from. Meaning, as is clear that the items are not attached to the bag.  

If I choose to perceive myself as being in the universe, I am like the items in the bag, although I am held by the material of the universe, I am in my choice of perception never fully connected, I create a boundary between myself and the experience of reality. What is more, I set myself up as separate from all existence, from people, from experience, from true love. As defining myself as being in the universe I build a wall between myself and all I experience, including the divine, God or Goddess. 

It is very much a materialistic view point, items are separate from and therefore seen as commodities, objects. From objectification of women to the illusion of possession all aspects of separateness lead to sadness and suffering. Possessions, money, relationships all can be lost, in perceiving self as separate, buying into the illusion I find my ego needs to identify through the things that are gathered around me. Then I remember being in sat sang with Mooji, I am not the things I own, I am not my body, indeed I am not even my feelings, feelings are a part of the physical separateness that I have chosen to perceive the world as. As long as I am in the universe my growth will always be limited and my journey toward the awakening of my oneness with the divine will be held back by the very barrier of illusion that I allow for my reality. 

What if I work toward the realisation that I am of the universe?

Firstly, how can I be anything other than of the universe? In the beginning was possibly a big bang, or some action that created all that is, over ages greater than our minds can comprehend, the universe grew and developed. It still now continues to do so. Nothing that exists in this universe is not of that moment. The very energy that lies at the heart of the sun, the earth, that stretches out from the moment of creation is the very same energy that powers this body of mine, I am made up of the materials of star and galaxy. If we take the idea that all things are energy resonating at different frequencies then how can I be anything other than of the universe. It is one thing rationalising this, intellectualising the concept, but to fully allow it to unfold within takes more. To start to address all that you see as though it were yourself. In addressing the divine, in whatever form that prayer, offering or rite must be directed to the centre of my being. For at the centre of every circle lies the power of the one. We can never leave the centre of our reality, therein lies the very energy of the universe the divine nature that over the year has been known by many names. By giving thanks to that energy that lies at our own centre for every sunrise and sunset, for the stars in the sky, for moments of joy and moments of sadness. Giving thanks to that infinite centre within we not only acknowledge the divine within but discover that our own nature is of the universe, our energy is that of creation and we are not separate, but eternally linked to all that is. Once we realise this, we can become more than we ever dreamed.

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