Thursday, 22 June 2017

What will you do?

Poem written after third eye meditation... 

And I saw myself
As a body in space
Suspended upon threads of light
Limp, a million galaxies surround me.

A crack, small at first appeared,
On my forehead.
A split from which the light within
Shone with the radiance of a billion suns.

My skin fell,
Like the peeling of a banana.
I became shapeless,
A brilliant radiance.
Devoid of shape, reaching out
Rays of light,
Connecting to all that is.

Looking within my own light
There I find a million, a billion more stars
Galaxies past, present and still to be,
And I saw myself
As a body in space
Suspended upon threads of light.

You have within you the stuff of stars, galaxies. All the energy that ever was exists now in this moment, in you. The air you breathe is the same air that has been here since the dawning of our planet. Inhaled and exhaled by all forms of life throughout the ages. The tears you cry have been the waters of great oceans, one day they will return to them again. Your voice, the continuing sound of the great cosmic bang that brought all of this into existence.

You are a unique gift, in a universe of incomprehensible possibilities, you were born, you will live, and you will die. Yet the light continues, eternally. You are that light for within you is the stuff of stars, of galaxies. 

Tell me child of light, what will you do with the gifts you bring? What will your expression bring to the moment, for it cannot change the past, nor can it alter the future? But in this moment, for there is only this moment, it can shape reality.

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